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Are You Ready To Be a Mother?

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Motherhood is a gift that will change your life forever. Trying to become a mother is a serious and challenging step in a woman’s life that demands a kind of self-awareness that is almost sacrificial. You must assess yourself in your entirety (mentally, emotionally, and physically) to see if you are ready to hold the responsibility and honor of creating another life. As Daoshing Ni writes in his book The Tao of Fertility, “Too often we move through life on automatic pilot, unaware of the changes taking place around – let alone within – us.

But each day is brand new. And each day, you, too, are new. Your energy is different; your body is different; your attitude and your spirit and all the things that make you who you are are different. When you are trying to get pregnant, it’s important that you recognize these subtle changes. You must learn to read the signs in your body and know what it is trying to tell you.”

Be sure that when you are considering motherhood, you maintain a keen awareness of your body. After all, it will be your child’s home for nine formative months. Some women find it extremely helpful to meditate, so that they can clear their minds and maintain a greater awareness for themselves. Acupuncture is especially complimentary to the practice of clearing the mind, returning you to the Now, and general mindfulness. By resetting your energy pathways, acupuncture treatment can assist any mindfulness practice so that you can achieve the kind of self-awareness you need to begin a healthy and successful pregnancy.

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