Nutritional approaches for polycystic ovary syndrome

Here is a dietary approach for PCOS that maybe useful for you:

Management of blood sugar is vital as insulin resistance experienced by women with PCOS increases the risk of developing diabetes. It is essential to cut out sugary refined foods, eat regular protein at each meal and avoid stimulants and exercise regularly to manage your blood sugar levels.

Foods to Avoid with Arthritis

Q: I had an MRI and they told me I ave Arthritis in my shoulders, what are the alternative ways i can take care of myself instead of popping pills?

Nutrition and fertility

Nutrition and Fertility are more inextricably entwined than you may initially think. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) different foods are categorized into temperature categories based on how they interact with your body: cold, cooling, neutral, warming, and hot. When attempting to become pregnant, you should seek foods that are “warming.”

Are You Ready To Be a Mother?

Motherhood is a gift that will change your life forever. Trying to become a mother is a serious and challenging step in a woman’s life that demands a kind of self-awareness that is almost sacrificial. You must assess yourself in your entirety (mentally, emotionally, and physically) to see if you are ready to hold the responsibility and honor of creating another life. As Daoshing Ni writes in his book The Tao of Fertility, “Too often we move through life on automatic pilot, unaware of the changes taking place around – let alone within – us.

Treating Depression with Acupuncture

Depression affects more people than we like to think. It is one of the most common illnesses. Almost everyone will experience depression at least once in their lives. In order to be holistically healthy, we need to think about maintaining our emotional and mental health, as much as our physical health.