Emotional Health through Acupuncture

Acupuncture For Emotional Health

Emotional health is one of the most underrated, and undertreated aspects of health. Our emotions affect how our bodies work, and how our lives are lived. Dr. Mitra knows the importance of this, and she has dedicated her practice to helping her patients realize their potential for emotional health. In traditional Chinese medicine, emotions such as stress, anxiety, and depression can disrupt the free flow of Qi, which is one’s “vital energy.” This will affect different events in the body, such as digestion, sleep, pain reception, and other aspects of daily life. Dr. Mitra can assist you in achieving acupuncture emotional health Los Angeles by relieving your anxiety, regulating your digestion and regulating your sleep.

“I had a patient who at age 21, in her last semester of college, suddenly experienced severe anxiety: she was not able to eat, she was afraid of getting out of the house, she was losing weight, she was severely depressed and could not stop crying. She felt completely unable to attend her classes or be in social settings. We slowly worked at it, and worked at it. It took less than two months of treatment – sometimes once a week, sometimes twice a week – but she finally felt better; she graduated on time and successfully started a new career. It was wonderful for me to watch and know that I helped her.”
Dr. Mitra

I feel so blessed to have found you, as your services have had such a positive impact on my life. I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done. Not just from a health standpoint, but your kindness as well. Thank you!

I have been a patient of Mitra Daneshrad for nearly two years and have found her abilities as an acupuncturist to be first rate. She has exhibited a clear understanding of her art/science and of the conditions for which I have been treated. This is regarding not just physical conditions, but the mental and emotional conditions that can play an equal part in any patient’s pathology. Dr. Daneshrad has also exhibited a trait that, in my experience with medical professionals, cannot always be taken as a given-she actually listens when I relate what is going on in my life during the time of treatment. That in itself is solid ground for the confidence that I feel in her abilities as a practitioner of acupuncture. I would highly recommend Dr. Daneshrad’s services to anyone seeking treatment.
Terrance W.

Los Angeles


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