Fertility through Acupuncture

Female Fertility through Acupuncture

FOR WOMEN who want to become pregnant, it is important to foster a nurturing environment for a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, the stresses of our daily lives coupled with our age, genetics, environmental influences, chronic stress, lack of sleep, and poor dietary choices can make conception difficult. Dr. Mitra knows how to balance your system to create an ideal environment for a baby.  With acupuncture fertility Beverly Hills, Dr. Mitra will increase blood supply to the ovaries, improve the integrity of the uterine lining, and create a more nurturing environment in order to achieve pregnancy.  By regulating your hormones, Dr. Mitra can help regulate your menstrual cycle; this means you would be ovulating regularly, which in turn contributes to follicular development. She can also assist in the control of symptoms such as PMS, breast tenderness, cramping, and mood swings.

Male Fertility through Acupuncture

FOR MEN, chronic levels of stress and anxiety along with poor nutrition often leads to a reduced percentage of sperm with proper motility, morphology, and quality. Dr. Mitra will help improve the quality of the sperm: she can improve the sperm’s motility, decrease abnormal morphology as well as increase the quantity of live sperm through a variety of treatments.

“I helped one patient of mine conceive a baby with her husband when she was 44 years old. After reviewing her history and her lab results, I sent her to a reproductive endocrinologist who recommended IVF (in vitro fertilization), so I had to make her body’s environment ready for the retrieval of the follicles, and also receive and nurture the embryos. That’s where I encountered several issues. She experienced Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, which may occur in women using fertility medication. She experienced symptoms like extreme bloating, abdominal pain, and swelling in her hands and feet. My treatment plan was to use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to reduce the severity of those symptoms and bring her body back into balance. I treated her before and after the embryo transfer to support, relax, and control her body’s environment through the in vitro fertilization. Ultimately, her IVF was successful: she was able to have 4 embryos. She later gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.”

Dr. Mitra

Thank you for thinking about me I was going to come in tomorrow and surprise you cuz I wanted to see your face but I’ll tell you now… IM PREGNANT:)

Thank YOU for all your talent help and patience.

Big hug xx


I’m emailing you on the most joyous day ever, The results came back with 1/2 million sperm & 40% motility!!!!! It is a true gift; we are both in shock & can’t believe it’s true!!!! Life is amazing, thank you for being there for us throughout this journey, supporting & caring for us in the special way you do!!!!! Yahoooooooo!!!!

Dr. Mitra is the absolute best! I was lucky enough to do Accupuncture sessions with her throughout my infertility struggles, pregnancy, birth of my miracle baby, post natal recovery and now as I try for my second! Mitra is so knowledgeable, kind and a fertility expert. She also treats any additional symptoms (emotional and physical) you are faced with each week. Truly, I believe she was integral part of my healthy pregnancy. She is very accommodating and truly cares.
Megan Brenan


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