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Treating Depression with Acupuncture in Los Angeles

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Depression affects more people than we like to think. It is one of the most common illnesses. Almost everyone will experience depression at least once in their lives. In order to be holistically healthy, we need to think about maintaining our emotional and mental health, as much as our physical health.

Acupuncture, which works by correcting imbalances in the body, can greatly assist in alleviating some of the overwhelming symptoms of depression. When an acupuncturist places needles into the skin, he or she does so at specific points in the body which correspond to specific organs. With respect to acupuncture for depression, the acupuncturist can put needles in spots along the body’s energy pathway which link with the Heart Qi and Liver Qi, thereby invigorating them, and resetting their energy levels.

Most studies show that depression is most effectively battled when western medication and acupuncture are done together. The outcome is better than when either is done on its own.

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